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Is a place you don't want to miss out on the opportunity of sitting in this circle with Ascendant Masters in this Spirit guided meditation. It is for all levels to sit. Michael and Ascendant Masters set a safe place for you to be able to open yourself up to Relax, Release and Receive Spirit Blessing.
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Healing & Blessing
Michael & Donna Ratte

Meditation group is on going at the Swampscott Church Of Spiritualism

​every Tuesday night, doors close at 7:00 and we would love for you to come join us and see for yourself.

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     ​​​I am tempting to give you the short story of the life and times of Michael. I am 58 years old and that in itself is to long a story to tell, how I managed to say in this world this long.
     As a young man I was strong and confident. Living my life to within my own standards, wright or wrong up or down. I aways had no problem telling the world what was up and where to go to find it.
    Seriously though I made my life much harder than it needed to be. My alcoholism took off at ripe old age of 24 yrs old. Where I found myself in my first Detox center. You would think that experience would stop a normal person from ever picking up another drink. I have never been described as normal.
   But I could not dismiss the moments of clarity I experienced through more visits to Detox and rehabilitation programs.
    My life became much more manageable when I followed the advice to turn my life over to God (Spirit)
   I began experiencing confirmation that my prayers and actions were being acknowledged. I watched myself at times and could not deny to healthy changes in my life.
    Many friends I met along the way that were searching for peace and healthy living have passed on.
   I know that the single most important action of following spirit & my heart to navigate out of situations that I too would have left this life with so many others.
    I think of them often and draw strength from them to stay my spiritual course. I continue to deepen my faith and share it with whoever is in need to hear that there is a way to find peace in this world of so many challenges and heart breaks.

Michael Ratte 

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​You might hear coughing , cars ect... These are live meditation tape Tuesday nights at the Church on Tuesday