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Hello my name is Donna Ratte

In 2008 I started studying different healing techniques. I was introduced to Reiki Engery Healing. I studied under two Reiki Masters  April Codiar and Laura Dominick. I received my certification for Reiki Master Teacher. What an honor we have to be able to learn these wonderful healing techniques passed down from the Ancient Master.

I was introduced to the basic Yuen Method which is a Chinese Energetic Medicine that was taught by LeRoy Malouf a Master of Energetic Healing. I have work on family and friends with great success with the Yuen technique. I learned how to access  the Akashic Records with Christina Cross who is a renowned consultant and teacher. I studied the Medicine Wheel of Life under the direction of Dawn Drew who is an accomplished Master Healer of many techniques. 

Then my journey took me to a different direction of healing. My husband was suffering with chronic back pain and had a couple of friends going to have a Kidney transplant  1 giving and 1 receiving. I wanted to help them with their pain management. I started researching other ways to help. I was reading some labels and ingredients in medicated rubs and other products and the one common ingredient is some type of essential oil. I decided to research deeper into essential oils and I have found that the essential oils have a great impact with our bodies, minds and spirit!!! 

Seeing consistent and positive effects of these distilled flowers, herbs, seeds, fruits, woods, and plants on myself and my family & friends has proven that we can support the body’s natural healing processes without synthetic products that contain harmful side effects.

This is why I am so excited to share my Reiki infused essential oil blends with you 

Reiki Infused Essential Oils ensure that these are the highest vibration oils available, the oils are infused by me, with Reiki and Love
(a spiritually guided life force energy). This gentle, yet powerful energy adds the benefits of supporting you energetically in whatever is in your highest and best interest.

Essential oils are safe and effective. All essential oils are antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-microbial and antibiotic. Just one drop of 100% pure essential oil provides each one of your 65 trillion cells with 40,000 healing molecules.

Love & Light

Donna :) xxoo




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